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Kompleksi Turistik Arvenica

The ideal family destination for a wonderful vacation


About Us

Kompleksi Turistik Arvenica is located on the Vlore-Radhime road near the beautiful Ionian Sea. We are a family run business with many years of experience where you can spend the summer holidays in a quiet and familiar place.

Our rooms are equipped with all reasonable terms and prices. At our complex you can enjoy a spectacular and relaxing view.

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Tranquility and Security

The aroma and freshness of the sea is the first thing to awaken in the morning and accompany you all day, including a coffee or a refreshing drink.

Nowadays, tranquility and security are the most important things to relax as quietly as possible. Welcome to our complex, your satisfaction is our obligation.



Guaranteed and safe parking in our complex.


Free Wifi

With powerful and fast WiFi in a 24-hour uninterrupted line.


Free Beach Umbrella

Within our package you also have free commode and relaxing beach umbrella.



A playground where children can play quietly.

Tourist trips in Karaburun and Sazan

Kompleksi Turistik Arvenica offers touristic tours to the Karaburuni peninsula and Sazan Island. You can enjoy the spectacular views, the stunning and virgin beaches unexplored before and the cave of Haxhi Alia. It is the largest cave of the Albanian coast, with an altitude at the entrance 60 m above sea level.

For reservations and more information contact the number:

Our Rooms

The rooms at the Kompleksi Turistik Arvenica offer a panoramic sea view and guaranteed parking. The rooms are large and modern to ensure our guests a quiet and comfortable vacation.


Our rooms are equipped with all the necessary equipment.

  • Air Conditioning
  • Balcony
  • Refrigerator
  • Tv
  • Bathroom and shower
  • Kitchen